About Us

Accelerated Healing was established by Lydia Deukmedjian in Sydney in 2001, with the purpose of helping you achieve positive changes in your life

Lydia H Deukmedjian began her Hypnotherapy career after attending Hypnotherapy to change a habit she had for many years.  She enjoyed the results so much, she wanted to learn more.  Once Lydia discovered the power of Hypnotherapy to achieve change, she was immediately motivated in learning more to help others, attaining her Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma in 2001.

With her passion for Hypnotherapy she joined the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA) as an Associate Member.  She went on to join the Board of Executives in 2003 and in 2009 was awarded a Fellow Membership for her dedication and hard work to the profession.  After a short break from the responsibilities of an Executive of the Board, she was invited in 2012 to stand as the NSW State Executive Officer and in 2017 was asked to become a Director of the National Board of Executives.

Dedicated and inspired to expanding her Hypnotherapy techniques and advancing her skills and knowledge, she has completed many studies and programs such as the Virtual Gastric Band Program and the Alcohol Reduction Program.  After attained her Diploma of Counselling in 2015 she is continuing her studies in Bachelor of Counselling.  She also plans to do more studies along the way because she understands that education is fundamental in expanding skills and knowledge!

Lydia believes that everyone is an individual, with distinct issues and unique goals.  She always seen the potential in everyone and approaches her clients with respect and positive regard.  Lydia believes that everyone has their own answers and with support, can find the right way of resolving their issues.  With this approach the results are more successful.

She is also dedicated to self-improvement and personal growth.  Her development doesn’t stop with helping clients.  She believes that through her own personal self-awareness and expansion, she is in a better position to help others.  This path has lead to her intuitive development and she uses her intuition in her daily life and when working with clients.

“I look forward supporting you on a path of change, helping you be your best and achieve your goals.  Let’s talk!”
Lydia Deukmedjian